Here are some pictures from the 2007 Red Green Regatta. This year our boat was 110 feet long from nose to tail! We got 4th place.

First, a few pictures of other boats! This is my favorite part, as I am usually mostly afraid of our own boat by the time we put it on the river.

Here's our boat from a distance! It originally seated 8 people on the 4 manned sea serpent segments, but people got out and swam, pushed or dragged it for a fair portion of the race. It turns out that it is very, very hard to keep something like this both straight and moving forward, not counting the adventure of when the connection between segments break.

A slightly closer view. Thadd is still sitting on the front, but he's like twice as big as most of us and gradually began to swamp the Rubbermaid containers that floated the manned segments. After this race, Orion's lack of storage containers was solved!

It was a lot of work keeping the back end from catching up. Check out Colin and Crystal acting as sea anchors in the back! I think Ruth is back there at this point also, but most of the time she swam in front as sea-serpent-bait.

Here's a couple sea serpent headshots. Check out the eyelashes! Isn't she pretty? (Hint: when a 110 foot sea-serpent asks you if she's pretty, you say "YES!")