This should be a plan.
Revision History:

Plan A.
6/01/2001: V.1.0b Floating Mongolian Barbecue. Abandoned because flotation may be explosive when heated.

Plan B.
6/28/2001: V.1.0a Viking-Style Sea-Moose: appropriate floatation has been located.
6/28/2001: V.1.1a Moose to include brown water balloon launching tailgunner.
7/07/2001: V.1.2a Moose will breath fire.
7/07/2001: V.1.2b Moose plan is declared "realistic" by Alicia. Construction begins. (plan shown above)
7/07/2001: V.1.3b We need an outrigger. Roll-call Vote: Thadd, Erik, Alicia: YES, Gregg: NO, Deb, Liz: ABSTAIN.
7/08/2001: V.1.4b Legs will be attached to rear balloon flinging device and will spasm in time with balloon launches.
7/08/2001: V.1.5b Rear chair will be replaced with rear-facing reclining device, possibly an abbreviated couch.
7/09/2001: V.1.6b Each chair shall be partially retooled as a cumbersome weapon, allowing us to have a broadside.
7/11/2001: V.1.6b We still need an outrigger, and some less crappy nails. Construction without a screw gun sucks.

Completion Date: 07/14/2001, 1:30 PM Alaska Standard Time

The finished product:

An astute observer may notice that: all appear to be absent from these pictures. This is because the above items either sank or floated or ran away. I do not wish to discuss that at this time.

From left to right: Moose Head, Liz, Debra, Erik, Gregg

Photos courtesy of Tara Maginnis' mom. (